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Pelleas et Mellisande, Jennifer Arnold,Genevieve, Cathrine Lang, Melisande

Pelléas et Mélisande, Claude Debussy

"….Jennifer Arnolds formidable, magnificent stage presence was supported by her focused, poignant, clear mezzo-soprano." NMR


"….Jennifer Arnold portrayed Geneviève with as even, sonorous mezzo-soprano…" Der Opernfreund


"….Also Jennifer Arnold…vocally transmitted the nobility that she so perfectly embodied as an actress."  Die Deutsche Bühne

Der Gute Gott von Manhattan, Adrianna Hölsky

"Der Gute Gott Von Manhattan" Dresdener Semperoper

....Jun Märkl inspires the Dresden Orchestra to colourfully differentiated interpretation,

in as much as the excessive expressive [aesthetic of the piece] allows....the singers deserve

decisive praise for their performance, above all Jennifer Arnold who (in the leading roll

of Jennifer) is new in the cast.----

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


....compared the Dresden production....with the world premiere in Schwetzingen...

one will repeatedly confirm [....] the international city of Dresden...has more to offer [....]

excellent soloists and an equally excellent chorus [....]. In the revised director’s version

in Dresden, the plot line Jan/Jennifer (leading rolls) has been more clearly articulated,

primarily through the detailed, fast choreographed body-language of the two soloists

(Jennifer Arnold and Andreas Scheibner). [....] Compliments for the soprano Jennifer Arnold...----

Das Orchster


....though it is hardly possible to outbid the challenges presented to the orchester musicians, still the performance of the singers is almost heart-stopping. Unbelievable interval leaps are the most harmless of the challenges. Gradual transitions between speaking and singing, squealing, growling, very high and very low range---even those who have a lot of experience with new vocal music will be astonished at the incredible performance....Jennifer Arnold as the sometime lascivious, sometimes submissive Jennifer....[the soloists] all achieve things, and at a peak level, that one has heretofore not yet been able to experience---

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten suggestive the restless, vibrating, simmering, and also explosive! musical language of Adriana Hölszky!....astonishing is the sleepwalking security of Andreas Scheibner and Jennifer Arnold in the leading roles...who discriminatingly fathom the many-layered vocal palette between text declamation and singing.---

Rhein-Nekar Zeitung, Heidelberg

Dresden Semperoper, Jennifer Arnold, Daniel Gloger, Der Gute Gott von Manhattan
Carmen, Jennifer Arnold, Johannes Felsenstein, Dessau Oper

Carmen, Georges Bizet

"Carmen" Kiel

.........Jennifer Arnold, as young, almost dewy Carmen, captivates Don Jose with her art of seduction, delivers her haunting melodies with pleasure, and the dramatic power of her voice grows ever stronger from Act to Act.....

Lübecker Nachrichten


.......Jennifer Arnold masters a strength of stage presence.......

Kieler Nachrichten has found a perfect Carmen in Jennifer Arnold......,......she sings the role with a velvet mezzosoprano, her interpretation of the gypsy woman radiates eroticism as well as fierce, hot-tempered passion...., extraordinary convincing performance.....

Ballerup Bladet, Dänemark


.......New Yorker Jennifer Arnold, in her first engagement in Kiel as the title role in Carmen, left no doubt that she is truly an enrichment to the world of mezzos....

Kieler Nachrichten


........really extraordinary, however is the performer of Carmen: the american Mezzo-soprano Jennifer Arnold. Above all with her seductive, elegant movements and her intensive acting.....


Carmen, Jennifer Arnold, Alexander von Pfeil, Kiel Opera
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