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Concert Reviews

CD Review "Between dream and reality"

......a remarkable CD...the ladies stride through more than three hundred years [of music], beginning in the 1700s and ending in the 20th Century....[Jennifer Arnold has] a mezzo-soprano of typically dark colour and is clear in accentuation and diction.  The powerful sonority carries her well in the upper register and is pleasing in the expressive song passages.....Exceptionally intense is her voice in the interpretation of Purcell’s “Bess of Bedlam”....excitingly interpreted on this CD are the songs of Johannes Brahms Op. 32....Arnold and Reif speak to the dark side, the tragedy in human existence....Alois Kramer, Landsberger Tagesblatt. 

Mahler Symphony Nr. 2

....warmth, an exceptionally 'Mahler-esque' natural voice, augmented with a fine understanding of the fragility of this tone...Jennifer Arnold's interpretation of "Urlicht" offers a gentle prelude to the apocalypic Finale---Kieler Nachrichten

I Capuletti ed i Montecchi, Concert

..........Jennifer Arnold shaped the part of Romeo with the extraordinary expressiveness of her beautiful mezzo-soprano voice, witch perfectly delivered various vocal nuances...



The opera succeeds or fails with the casting of the "Romeo"- a trouser role for a mezzo-soprano. The Kiel Opera has the fortune of having american Jennifer Arnold at its disposal, who, on this night sang herself into hearts of the audience with brilliance and dashing bravura.



In the trouser role of Romeo, Jennifer Arnold creates, with her powerful, expressive mezzo-soprano, the deciding dramatic accent

Schleswig-Holsteinische Landeszeitung


........the first excellent entrance from Jennifer Arnold......Arnold relied not only on her vocal abilities, but also interpreted the character with economically inserted acting gestures. Her wonderful, round, velvety mezzo-soprano had more than necessary high and commanded a satisfying low as well. With her vocal technical abilities, Arnold made the role of Romeo fully her own. A fabulous performance!

Kieler Nachrichten


With her powerful mezzo-soprano, her dramatic intensity and her lyric sweetness, Jennifer Arnold very quickly disperses all arguments against Romeo as a trouser role.

Lübecker Nachrichten

Liederabend, Brahms, Defalla, Montsalvage

In the end is the transformation complete, the altar becomes an opera stage, on which Jennifer Arnold sings her volcanic, smouldering Carmen.  Jennifer Arnolds enormous stage presence is well known to the Kiel Opera audience; how confidently and naturally she uses her dramatic gifts in the context of a Liederabend---that leaves one once again in amazement.  

It is the small gestures of facial expression and hand movements, that give additional clarity to the song interpretation of the american Mezzosoprano.  The effect these nuances have on Henry Purcells "Music for a while" and, above all, Arnold Cookes "Nocturnes" is impressive.  Therein one finds the dark glow of her middle weight mezzo voice additional expressivenss....With excerpts from Manuel de Falla's "Cinco canciones populates españolas" and Xavier Montsalvages "Cinco Canciones Negras" she seamlessly continues on this level....inevitable the encore: "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle..." ----Kieler Nachrichten

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