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Selected Additional Reviews

The Ring of the Nibelungen, Richard Wagner

Der Ring Der Nibelungen, Kirsten Harms, Kiel Oper

"Das Rheingold"

............Jennifer Arnold is a serious Fricka with dramatic gifts....

Kieler Nachrichten


"Die Walküre"

.........Jennifer Arnold earned a lot of applause and many Bravos for her young, heart-stirring, beautifully sung Fricka.....

Kieler Nachrichten



........Jennifer Arnold sang the part of Erda very beautifully.....



Jennifer Arnold, vocally very young yet velvety rich, won over as Erda with a fascinating, elegant physicality,......



The Erda-scene is also very poignant: Jennifer Arnold sang and acted the arisen World Mother not as a matriarchal Halfdead, but instead as a smouldering veiled snake with bite......

Kieler Nachrichten



........with her usual strong stage presence, Jennifer Arnold seduced with a beautifully sung, intimate interpretation of the help-seeking Waltraute....

Kieler Nachrichten


Jennifer Arnold sensitively phrased the part of Waltraute with an evenly registered, supple expressive mezzo...


Götterdämmerung, Jennifer Arnold, Janice Baird
Siefried, Jennifer Arnold, Alan Evans

MacBeth, Salvatore Sciarrino

Lady Macbeth, Jennifer Arnold singer

"Macbeth" (Sciarrino) Wuppertal Oper Jennifer Arnold as Lady Macbeth with an impressive Insanity Scene of breath-taking resoluteness and severity.....

Westfälischer Anzeiger



...also superb, Jennifer Arnold as Lady; the music circles hypnotic and obsessive around the sleepwalking Queen, her voice melts together completely with the pale, fragile instrumental colours.---

Wuppertaler Kultur


...the american Mezzosoprano Jennifer Arnold [Lady Macbeth] convincingly manages her difficult role as does Macbeth...together they let the finest notes bloom out of silence and understand exactly how to articulate the strong emotional feelings of their characters with expressive gesture.---


Cyrano de Bergerac, Franco Alfano 

....especially outstanding here, Jennifer Arnold with well-carrying and noble mezzo in the role of the Governess....Opernglas/ D.Kroll

The Rape of Lucretia, Benjamin Britten Jennifer Arnold he has an impressive Lucretia at his disposal, who knows exactly how to regulate her body language, facial expression and intonation in order to perfectly react to Tarquinus’ advances, whether polite, flattered, clever, agressive or fearful...she masters the contralto role...Kieler Nachtrichten is completely absorbing how Jennifer Arnold fills out the role of the victim...the loving wife, who quickly realizes, what this prince wants from her, ....[after the rape] her desparation and the fatal typical guilt and her suicide....Arnold is not only convincing as an actress, but vocally as well.-----Lübecker Nachrichten 

I Capuletti ed i Montecchi, Vincenzo Bellini

..........Jennifer Arnold shaped the part of Romeo with the extraordinary expressiveness of her beautiful mezzo-soprano voice, which perfectly delivered various vocal nuances...



The opera succeeds or fails with the casting of the "Romeo"- a trouser role for a mezzo-soprano. The Kiel Opera has the fortune of having american Jennifer Arnold at its disposal, who, on this night sang herself into hearts of the audience with brilliance and dashing bravura.



In the trouser role of Romeo, Jennifer Arnold creates, with her powerful, expressive mezzo-soprano, the deciding dramatic accent

Schleswig-Holsteinische Landeszeitung


........the first excellent entrance from Jennifer Arnold......Arnold relied not only on her vocal abilities, but also interpreted the character with economically inserted acting gestures. Her wonderful, round, velvety mezzo-soprano had more than necessary high and commanded a satisfying low as well. With her vocal technical abilities, Arnold made the role of Romeo fully her own. A fabulous performance!

Kieler Nachrichten


With her powerful mezzo-soprano, her dramatic intensity and her lyric sweetness, Jennifer Arnold very quickly disperses all arguments against Romeo as a trouser role.

Lübecker Nachrichten

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